Dental Crowns And Bridges

Dental Crowns And Bridges

Severely damaged teeth are often a result of years of tooth decay, which can lead to the
eventual removal of teeth and periodontitis. Dental Crowns and Bridges protect your teeth from receiving any more damage, reducing the need for extraction. Tooth decay can be caused by habits such as teeth grinding or age. As your teeth become weakened by decay or receive an
injury, one of our friendly dentists may advise installation of a protective dental crown or bridge to protect the tooth and restore health to your mouth.

Dental Crowns

Often used for both restorative and cosmetic treatments, they are made from porcelain and
are ‘shells’ that cover any damaged teeth, with an aim to prevent further damage. Porcelain is used because it is the most aesthetically pleasing option because it’s easy to match colours of your surrounding teeth, giving you a natural and beautiful smile. Preparation for the crown begins with the original tooth being filed down and then the crown can fit snugly on top. They can sometimes be called ‘caps’ and can be utilised in replacing a missing tooth provided a dental bridge is implemented and strong and existing teeth are there to support it.

Dental Bridges

In comparison, a dental bridge is a combination of porcelain teeth, fixed to adjacent teeth using crowns. A bridge ensures that all teeth don’t move from the position they have been set in your mouth. This preserves your smile and instils confidence in your mouth functions. Typically, a dental bridge procedure would be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

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