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Jumping Castles – The Fun Way to Love Jumping

Jumping Castles – The Fun Way to Love Jumping

Jumping Castles – The Fun Way to Love Jumping

Your kids need fun and relaxation after studying hard for a couple of months. That’s why you need to give your kids a fun treat by taking them to a place where they can have fun. For example, a place where there is a jumping castle. This would definitely make your kids excited. The colorful designs of the jumping castles are a great sight to behold both for kids and even for parents.

In simple words, jumping castles are large inflatable structures designed in such a way that children can jump and have maximum fun. Kids can stay in a jumping castle for a long time without getting bored. Jumping castles are made of rugged and thick PCV or nylon that is 100% safe for children as they do not contain lead. They resist fire and are in fact 20 degrees’ cold crack.

Jump N Play is a family entertainment Center featuring 10 inflatables, arcade and prize center. We offer 6 different party packages for every size birthday.

Jumping castles were named after their traditional design which was a castle. Today, there are many designs to select from. This includes cartoon characters as well as different colors and themes such that you can personalize the jumping experience of your kids.

In addition, there are some jumping castles produced for sale. As stated earlier, there are various designs of jumping castles that one could pick from. Manufacturers can also create designs based on what you want. The cost of jumping castles ranges from $200 and above based on the size and type of design. The majority of manufacturers would, however, offer jumping castles at a cheap rate, especially as a direct sale. Besides sales, they offer other services like repairs and maintenance either under a warranty that could be between 12 to 24 months or out of warranty.

Manufacturers and party suppliers also offer hire services for those who just want a jumping castle they can use for a special event. They could in fact provide a staff that would supervise playtime all through the rented hours. This would, however cost you extra.

When you are looking at purchasing or hiring jumping castles, there are certain things you would need to take note of. One of such is the theme or design preferred by your kids. You would have to choose from the designs available at a particular time as there are certain times when some designs would have been booked for a particular date.

Another thing to consider is your party scheduling, that is, where the jumping castle will be used. It is also preferable to make your reservation at least one month before time to ensure availability.

Furthermore, you should also confirm that the provider of the jumping castle will take charge of delivery, set up, pick up and other required services. Check that the structure is safe for all the kids that will get to play on it. Safety measures should be put in place to prevent accidents. Inspect the structure to be sure that there are no torn parts.

The best practice is to check different companies offering jumping castles for rent before making your decision. You can find these companies online, or by asking party need suppliers. Inflatable options like water slide, bounce house, etc. also exist. All you need to do is get the very best for your kids to have maximum unstoppable fun.

Jump N Play Jumping Castle

It is your kid’s birthday or some kind of a party at your place and there will be a huge number of kids around then there is nothing to worry because now you can have the amazing jumping castle to allow kids enjoy and cherish every moment at your place. There are many places in Melbourne that allow you the opportunity to hire a jumping castle for yourself but you should only opt for Jump N play Jumping Castle company because it provides you with something that you have never imagined before. It is so because for us our customers are our priority thus we put our customers first and offer great value and great service.

How have we become the top choice in Melbourne?

Our customers always prefer to use our services because of our exceptional services. With 10 years of experience we have learnt that our services are on top when it comes to hiring a jumping castle for your event. Our process is clean, safe, smooth and efficient. It is one reason due to which our customers feel satisfied and relaxed when they want to hire a jumping castle for an event.

  1. Our Quality products

Although our customers are going to rent out our products but we feel it’s our duty to ensure that our product is of high quality. It is one reason due to which you won’t find any low quality jumping castle from us.

  1. Our Reliable Service

We have been in this field for quite a while now and we know how to serve our customers. Our employees ensure that they have fully satisfied the customer before leaving the site. It is the reason due to which our customer love us and keep coming back to us everytime they have a birthday event.

  1. Huge collection of Jumping castles

In addition to this we have a wide range of variety available with us. Our collection includes jumping castle of big to small and some exceptional theme options as well. You can visit our website to have a look at the jumping castle options available with us. Following are some factors that make us one of the top choice of Melbourne.

Following are some of the most popular jumping castles available with us.

  3. Large castle with slides


So what are you waiting for just visit our office and get your jumping castle booked with us right away. Our exceptionally trained and skilled team will install it at your house and ensure that it you are happy and satisfied with it.

Planning a party? Feel free to visit Call Us for a Quote; 1300 586 775 for the best jumping castles in Melbourne.