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Kid’s Useful Tips

Kid’s Useful Tips


For optimal health and fitness, you need a balance of occasional and everyday things. Treats are OK occasionally when part of a balanced diet full of everyday foods. On regular occasions (3-4 times a week), you need to do more energetic activity, the sort that makes you huff and puff.
Snacking and treats
Active kids can snack healthily between meals – offer nutritious snacks like cereal bars, reduced fat or low fat yoghurt, fruit
Treats occasionally – fun foods are OK and add to food enjoyment
Do energetic activity
Look for enjoyable activities to work up a sweat (eg netball, football, jogging, skipping) but don’t push it hard all the time
Create a winning feeling – whether you win or not. Participation is part of winning.


We all get bored eating and doing the same things. Spice up your life by including a variety of different foods and activities. Different foods will give a variety of essential nutrients for good health and different activities work a variety of different muscles and allow you to learn new skills.

Introduce variety in foods:
– Experience new cultures – try “theme cuisine” days at home and school
– Seek out variety – have a variety of healthy, tasty food choices for meals and snacks
Introduce variety in activity
– Chop and change – participate in planned and spontaneous activities
– Move with the times – look to participate in new activity ideas, moves and sports


Being active and eating healthy foods everyday is important for health & fitness. Everyday, be active for 30 minutes or more, eat healthy foods for meals and snacks and drink fluids like water.

Everyday eating
– 5-7 serves of fruit and veg a day – frozen, fresh, dried or canned
– 3-6 serves of carbohydrate foods – breads, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles
– 3 serves of low or reduced fat dairy foods and about 1 serve of lean meats
Everyday activity
Get active indoors (dance, climb stairs) and outdoors (throw a frisbee, rollerblade)
Carry portable fluids – suggest a drink bottle for before, during and after activity

Fun & Friend

Eating and playing with others makes it more fun. Family and friends can also encourage, motivate and demonstrate good habits.

Eat together
Begin with breakfast – encourage the good breakfast habit. Make more of meal times – cook, eat, talk and wash up together
Encourage people to eat together – make it an occasion to enjoy
Be active together
Get fit together – make fitness a fun and family affair
Play safe – find ways to play in a safe and protective environment
Support on the side – encourage and cheer teams and players – win, lose or draw
Encourage activity with friends – being active with friends helps build friendships

5 Ways

The 5 Ways Wheel explained
Being healthy and fit gives you many benefits including helping you to: maintain a healthy weight; be energetic; be strong, co-ordinated and flexible; feel good on the inside and out; grow and develop strong bones; stay alert and learn; and socialise, relax and have fun.

The ‘5 Ways Wheel’ communicates 5 themes about nutrition & physical activity to help you achieve health and fitness
Each theme provides a different approach to how to include food and activity in your lifestyle, to illustrate the reasons why different types of food and physical activity are important and the benefits that each approach provides.
To find out more about each theme, click on the relevant button in the tool bar.

New Thing

Taste changes with age, so try “new” foods regularly. New foods bring more variety, which brings more essential nutrients to your diet.Encourage yourself to try “new” activities. New tasks bring new skills which can help you “feel good” about yourself.

Try new foods
Taste tests – encourage new foods with self-serve eating
Create in the kitchen – learn to cook new foods and recipes
Try new activities
Explore new places – parks, trail walks and local sports facilities
Seek new skills – look out for new sports and activities to try. Start with something you might like to do and build from there